Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Education; Master’s Degree in Counseling; Standard Counseling Certificate and a minimum of two years of experience in education. Secondary Counselling experience preferred.   Applicant must be able to counsel individuals and provide group educational and vocational guidance services: Collect, organize, and analyze information about individuals through records, tests, interviews, and professional sources, to appraise their interests, aptitudes, abilities, and personality characteristics, for vocational and educational planning. Excellent customer service; written and oral communication skills; organizational skills; computer knowledge including MS Office Suite.

Submit letter of application, resume, educational background, and other appropriate information to

Staci Repp
Po Box 190
Fort Cobb, OK 73038

Applications accepted until 4 p.m. July 12, 2019, or until a suitable applicant is found. CKTC is an EOE employer.


Caddo Kiowa Technology Center


Job Description


Position: Counselor
Primary Function: The counselor provides counseling and guidance for students; consults and collaborates with teachers and staff to enhance effectiveness in helping students; and provides support to school initiative/improvement programs
Responsible to: Student Services Coordinator or Instructional Supervisor


Bachelor’s Degree in Education; Master’s Degree in Counseling, Standard Counseling Certificate and a minimum of two years experience in education
Skillset: Listening, assessing, planning and computer skills
Responsibilities: 1.    Assist with coordinating student recruitment activities, enrollment planning and processing, and student events/activities.

2.    Counsel students and monitor progress

3.    Consult with teachers and staff in understanding and meeting the needs of students

4.    Refers students with problems to appropriate specialists, special programs or outside agencies

5.    Provide resources and other available materials as requested

6.    Attend IEP committee meetings and monitor students

7.    Develop 504 Plans and monitor students

8.    Develop Individual Growth Plan for Professional Development to set leadership goals for staying on cutting edge of education and technology

9.    Coordinate the development and maintain Cooperative Alliance partners

10.  Assist with Cooperative Alliance college credit enrollment

11.  Conduct and plan ACT/college prep activities as needed

12.  Assist administration with grant writing to include Carl Perkins secondary and post-secondary grants.

13.  Participates in activities that contribute to the effective operation of the school

14.  Maintain good communications and work cooperatively with all co-workers and administrative staff.

15.  Perform various other duties assigned by the supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.






Jennie Nunn