Name Job Title/Credentials Email
Adams, Shawn Small Business Management Coordinator sa****@ck**.edu “>email
Ahtone, Jake Bus Driver ja*****@ck**.edu “>email
Allen, Reed Pre-engineering Instructor ra****@ck**.edu “>email
Baker, Glory Facilities and Maintenance gb****@ck**.edu “>email
Barber, Jiles Truck Driver Training Instructor jb*****@ck**.edu “>email
Bass, Jy Physical Therapist Assistant Instructor/Director; M.Ed., PTA, ATC jb***@ck**.edu “>email
Bellamy, Jesse Truck Driver Training Instructor jb******@ck**.edu “>email
Bellamy, Mandy E-Rate Coordinator/Bursar mb******@ck**.edu “>email
Bruer, Jenna Student Services Registrar jb****@ck**.edu “>email
Buckner, Austin Network/Computer Administrator ab******@ck**.edu “>email
Caldwell, Seidina Cosmetology Instructional Assistant sc*******@ck**.edu “>email
Cochran, Debbie Culinary Arts Instructor; B.S., OSDE Standard Certification dd*****@ck**.edu “>email
Collins, Kelli Early Care and Education Assistant kc******@ck**.edu “>email
Cooper, Alan Construction Assistant ac*****@ck**.edu “>email
Cowan, Amy Early Care and Education Instructor/Director; B.S., OSDE Standard Certification ac****@ck**.edu “>email
Crissman, Franklin Bus Driver fc*******@ck**.edu “>email
Crowell, Cassi PLTW Biomedical Instructor cc******@ck**.edu “>email
Davis, Angie Cosmetology Instructor; ODCTE Provisional I Certification ad****@ck**.edu “>email
Delgado, Raenee Financial Secretary rd******@ck**.edu “>email
Edwards, Flint Diesel Services Instructor; ODCTE Provisional II Certficiation fe******@ck**.edu “>email
Fisher, Jason Truck Driver Training Instructor jf*****@ck**.edu “>email
Flores, Yessenia Early Care and Education Assistant yf*****@ck**.edu “>email
Gallegos, Felicia Early Care and Education Assistant fg*******@ck**.edu “>email
Gasaway, Charles Bus Driver cg******@ck**.edu “>email
Graham, Brenda Activity Fund Custodian bg*****@ck**.edu “>email
Gregory, McKayla Early Care and Education Assistant mg******@ck**.edu “>email
Grimes, Brent Physical Therapist Assistant Instructor/Academic Coordinator Clinical Education; M.Ed., B.A., A.A.S., PTA, ACCE bg*****@ck**.edu “>email
Guthrie, Malissia Occupational Therapy Assistant Instructor/Director; M.Ed., COTA/L mg******@ck**.edu “>email
Hancock, Tony Superintendent th******@ck**.edu “>email
Hanes, Jim Transportation Technician jh****@ck**.edu “>email
Harrison, Ashley Early Care and Education Assistant ah*******@ck**.edu “>email
Heath, Terry Welding Technology Instructor; B.B.A., ODCTE Provisional I Certification th****@ck**.edu “>email
Helton, Chris Instructional Leader/Principal ch*****@ck**.edu “>email
Hendricks, Cassi Early Care and Education Assistant Director ch********@ck**.edu “>email
Holsted, Heidi Licensed Practical Nursing Instructor; B.S.N., RN hh******@ck**.edu “>email
Hull, Heath Ag Business Coordinator hh***@ck**.edu “>email
Ibanez, Blossom Early Care and Education Assistant bi*****@ck**.edu “>email
Johnson, Zertie Culinary Assistant zj******@ck**.edu “>email
Knauss, Jolisa Student Services Counselor jk*****@ck**.edu “>email
Leonard, Felix Facility Maintenance/Kitchen Assistant fl******@ck**.edu “>email
Lester, Brent BIS Industrial Coordinator/Trainer bl*****@ck**.edu “>email
Lewis, Dale Industrial/Truck Driver Training Coordinator dl****@ck**.edu “>email
Lopez, Amber Early Care and Education Assistant al****@ck**.edu “>email
Mayfield, Mikki Occupational Therapy Assistant Instructor/Fieldwork Coordinator; M.OT, OTR/L mm*******@ck**.edu “>email
Maynard, Sydnie Early Care and Education Assistant sm******@ck**.edu “>email
McAdoo, Shelly Financial Aid Coordinator sm*****@ck**.edu “>email
McCool, Laci Adult and Continuing Education Coordinator lm*****@ck**.edu “>email
Mindemann, Jina Health Assistant jm*********@ck**.edu “>email
Mindemann, Jason Construction Technology Instructor; ODCTE Provisional II Certification jm********@ck**.edu “>email
Nation, Chris Transportation Technician cn*****@ck**.edu “>email
Nation, Crystal Academic Integration Instructor cm***@ck**.edu “>email
Newell, Mike Director of Operations mn*****@ck**.edu “>email
Nightingale, Terry Custodian tn**********@ck**.edu “>email
Noel, John Business & Industry Services Director jn***@ck**.edu “>email
Nunn, Jennie Assistant Superintendent jn***@ck**.edu “>email
Oheltoint, Donna OTA/PTA Administrative Assistant do********@ck**.edu “>email
Opitz, Rebecca Administrative Assistant ro****@ck**.edu “>email
Oswald, Charlotte BITE Instructor; B.S.Ed.; OSDE Standard Certification co*****@ck**.edu “>email
Pauls, Eugene Truck Driver Training Instructor ep****@ck**.edu “>email
Pauls, Kenny BIS Administrative Assistant kp****@ck**.edu “>email
Pena Pewenofkit, Abigail Early Care and Education Assistant as******@ck**.edu “>email
Perkins, Becky Early Care and Education Assistant bp******@ck**.edu “>email
Peteet, Cricket Early Care and Education Assistant rp*****@ck**.edu “>email
Phelps, Marsha Early Care and Education Cook Assistant/Teacher Assistant mp*****@ck**.edu “>email
Pierce, Tricia BITE Instructor; B.S.Ed.; OSDE Standard Certification tp*****@ck**.edu “>email
Pittman, Jamie Facility and Maintenance Administrative Assistant jp******@ck**.edu “>email
Potts, Lindsay Health Careers Instructor lp****@ck**.edu “>email
Repp, Staci Student Services Director sr***@ck**.edu “>email
Rexroat, Jamie Early Care and Education Assistant jr******@ck**.edu “>email
Robnett, Lori Early Care and Education Head Cook lr******@ck**.edu “>email
Russell, Marci PTA Instructor; B.S., PT mr******@ck**.edu “>email
Sage, Dee TANF Coordinator ds***@ck**.edu “>email
Satepauhoodle, Kimberly Early Care Assistant ks************@ck**.edu “>email
Saunders, Sandy Student Services Enrollment Specialist ss*******@ck**.edu “>email
Savage, Jana Encumbrance Clerk js*****@ck**.edu “>email
Scott, Billy Criminal Justice Instructor; ODCTE Provisional I Certification bs****@ck**.edu “>email
Shaw, Brad ABE/HSE Instructor bs***@ck**.edu “>email
Skinner, Carol Truck Driver Training Instructor cs******@ck**.edu “>email
Smith, Brandon Auto Service Instructor; A.A.S., ODCTE CareerTech Standard bs****@ck**.edu “>email
Smith, Lora Custodian ls****@ck**.edu “>email
Smith, Regina Custodian rs****@ck**.edu “>email
Sneed, Steven Truck Driver Training Instructor ss****@ck**.edu “>email
Stocking, Laurie Licensed Practical Nursing Instructor/Director; M.S., B.S.N., RN ls*******@ck**.edu “>email
Turner, Sara Early Care and Education Assistant st*****@ck**.edu “>email
Turney, Wade Construction Assistant wt*****@ck**.edu “>email
Walbrick, Kyle Pre-Engineering Instructor kw*******@ck**.edu “>email
Walker, Jimmy Licensed Plumber jw*****@ck**.edu “>email
White, Louie Custodian/Groundskeeper/Bus Driver lw****@ck**.edu “>email
White, Sonora Assessment Specialist/BITE Instructor sw****@ck**.edu “>email
White, Tara Student Services Specialist/Special Needs Representative tw****@ck**.edu “>email
Williams, Brian HVAC Instructor br*********@ck**.edu “>email
Williams, Bruce Bus Driver/Facility Maintenance bw*******@ck**.edu “>email
Willits, Gina BIS Administrative Assistant gw******@ck**.edu “>email
Willits, Judy Truck Driver Training Administrative Assistant jw******@ck**.edu “>email
Wright, Aryn Instructional Assistant aw*****@ck**.edu “>email
Wright, Jeremy Innovative Technologies Instructor; ODCTE Provisional II Certification jw*****@ck**.edu “>email
Wright, Scott Printing Assistant sw*****@ck**.edu “>email
Young, Dylan Communications and Marketing Director dy****@ck**.edu “>email