March Student Success Stories

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March Student Success Stories

From getting up and making it to class every day to surpassing expectations in their respective programs, Caddo Kiowa students set the bar pretty high. Their student success stories are reflected in the way they find a way each and every day to show up for class ready to do what they came here to do.

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. – Jim Rohn

Gold Star Students are recognized for doing great things, one small thing at a time. CKTC student success stories include but are not limited to industry-specific certifications and WorkKeys, perfect attendance, contest winners and students of the month.


What is WorkKeys?

WorkKeys recipients have completed their ACT WorkKeys assessments that compare their skills to the skills real jobs require. These scores help employers choose the most qualified candidates for their job openings. These CKTC student achievements are announced during the Gold Star Student Assembly.


What is Student of the Month?

Instructors nominate students who have shown a range of high-quality character traits. A committee then selects an adult student and a high school student for the honor. These CKTC student achievements are announced during the Gold Star Student Assembly.

For over half a century, CKTC has provided career training, business and industry services and leadership programs to a rural district in southwest Oklahoma. Opportunities at CKTC range from business and health to science and transportation trades. Additionally, CKTC offers customized workplace training and short-term training. More information about CKTC is available online at or by calling 405.643.5511. CKTC is a proud member of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, which provides leadership and resources and assures standards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education. The system offers programs and services in 29 technology center districts.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


CKTC Student Success Stories – March Photo Album

Student Success Stories
March Students of the Month are Devon Clemons (Fort Cobb) and Rylee Floyd (Mountain View).


Student Success Stories
Cosmetology Program Completers are Emily Getlin (Anadarko) and Nikki Satepauhoodle (Apache).


Receiving the NCCER Welding Core Curriculum Certificates are Dawson Lankister (Fort Cobb); Kaylub LeRoy (Anadarko); Spencer Jahn (Cement); Kody Apfel (Apache); Cullen Daugherty (Anadarko); and Dylon West (Binger). Welding Career Major Completer is Devon Clemons (Fort Cobb).


Receiving NCCER HVAC Core Curriculum Certificates are Tommy Strange (Anadarko); Chayton Bynum (Fort Cobb); Ricky Eaves Jr. (Carnegie); Steven Craddock (Binger); Addison Firanski (Hinton); and Brett Pittman (Fort Cobb).


Receiving the NCCER Construction Core Curriculum Certificate is Austin Yarbrough (Binger).


Business Information Technology Career Major Completers are Kelsey Autaubo (Anadarko) – Administrative Assistant; Taaron Burcum (Carnegie) – Legal Office Assistant; Erin Hutton (Cyril) – Microsoft Office Specialist National Certification; Jennifer Watson (Cyril) – Medical Office Assistant; and Cayla Wilkinson (Fletcher) – Medical Office Assistant.


Receiving WorkKeys Bronze are Martin Perez (Anadarko); Shayann Meade (Anadarko); Kelsie Tsalote (Fort Cobb); and Steven Craddock (Binger).


Receiving WorkKeys Silver in the front are Amber Wallace (Cyril); Josiah Gonzales (Fort Cobb); Kara Towler (Apache); Brashay Hoofard (Cement); Mysty Nevarez (Binger); and Angel Dobry (Cement). In the back are Santana Diaz (Anadarko); Edy Perez (Anadarko); Davis Zacharias (Mountain View); Zachary Hamilton (Anadarko); Alston Burleson (Carnegie); Jeremy Koomsa (Carnegie); Patricia Holman (Apache); Burke Smith (Anadarko); Sydney Boettger (Carnegie); Linda Ramnarine (Carnegie); and Jayden McAfee (Cement).


Receiving WorkKeys Gold are Brycen Fischer (Mountain View); Allie Green (Mountain View); Trinity Dietrich (Carnegie); Nichole Plumley (Mountain View); Aubree Hollowell (Fort Cobb); and Erin Hutton (Cyril).


Receiving WorkKeys Platinum are Skylar Ahlsten (Mountain View); Rylee Floyd (Mountain View); Rachel Uhlig (Hydro); Randi Troglin (Mountain View); and Jackson DeVaughan (Binger).


Receiving Health Careers Certifications in MAT (Medication Administration Technician) are Clayton Baker (Lookeba-Sickles) and Gabriella Sapcut (Apache).


Receiving NCCER Welding Core Curriculum Certifications are Harley Dillon (Carnegie); Wyatt Griggs (Apache); Alejandro Kaulaity (Anadarko); Cale Tsatoke-Decora (Apache); Montana McVicker (Weatherford); and Dylan Yarbrough (Binger).
Receiving NCCER Core Curriculum HVAC/R is Mason Parker (Hinton).


Receiving WorkKeys Bronze are Gabriella Sapcut (Apache); Ellyssa Brown (Apache); Cooper Ellis (Hinton); Erick Salazar (Carnegie); and Lauryn Welch (Binger).


Receiving WorkKeys Silver are Lorna Coley (Anadarko); Malisa Dillon (Carnegie); and Sariah Pemberton (Anadarko).


Receiving WorkKeys Gold are Alejandro Kaulaity (Anadarko); Lindsay Hood (Apache); and Logan Kionute (Binger).


Receiving Work Keys Platinum are Mia Josey (Apache); Kenneth Pauls (Weatherford); and Haley McCurley (Cyril).


Receiving Microsoft Office Specialist National Certification is Kenneth Pauls (Weatherford).

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