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Counselor Meeting

Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Feb 1 and Mar 1


The counselors in the district meet to go over information, legislation, events and opportunities that will affect students in the district.

Parent/Teacher Meet,

Greet and Complete

August 8, 2016


Students are invited to meet with other students, greet their instructor and complete their enrollment.


October 5, 2016


GuidanceFest is a professional development opportunity for partner school counselors, principals, instructors and staff covering a wide range of career and technology education topics.

10th Grade Techno Zone

October 26, 2016


Sophomores explore career and college options at CKTC: Classroom tours, hands-on activities, instructor demonstrations. Freebies and lunch will be provided.

Chad Cargill, ACT Prep

November 16, 2016


The only workshop that is given by someone who took the ACT 18 times in high school and raised his score from a 19 to a 32. Over 120,000 high school students attended the workshop each year to receive relevant, practical information on how to increase their ACT score.

Dinner with Teacher Event

March 29, 2017
6:00 - 7:30 pm


Students accepted to CKTC will have dinner with their instructor and other students enrolled in the same class. Parents are also invited to meet the instructor and visit the classroom.

6th Grade Tech Town

April 26, 2017


Sixth-grade students participate in hands-on and career activities, while interacting with CKTC instructors and students as they design, create and build program-specific items. Schools may choose the day and time of session that best fits their schedule.

3rd Grade Career Poster Contest

Spring 2017


Each year CKTC, invites all third graders in the district to design a poster about their favorite career and then submit it for judging. The winner receives a nice prize.

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