Business and Industry Services

Providing comprehensive business and industry services to owners, managers and personnel in the district for almost half a century!

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Agriculture Business Management

Agriculture conducted on commercial principles, especially using advanced technology.

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Adult Leadership Program

Create a vision of the future and motivate others to engage with that vision. A leader inspires not only by communitarian goals but also by the search for personal power.

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Bid Assistance

Provide marketing and technical assistance to businesses interested in selling products and services to federal, state, local and tribal governments.

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Business and Entrepreneurial Services

Capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

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Customized Training


CKTC’s Business and Industry Services team will assist your company in developing training initiatives customized for your organization’s needs.

Professional Development

Take the lead! Develop key leadership, management, and training strategies for today’s evolving business environment.

  • Improves organizational teamwork, communication, time management, and customer service
  • Enhances employee expertise, confidence, and professionalism
  • Reinforces strong employee character through the use of solid business ethics
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Office Training

Work smarter! Take your employees to the next level by maximizing your office technology and human resources.

  • Stay competitive by expanding employee computer, office, and emerging technology skills
  • Accomplish more by building upon your current employee and technology resources
  • Increase overall efficiency, productivity, and professionalism
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Industry Training

Train to gain! Develop a proficient workforce with the industry technical skills needed to achieve more for your company.

  • Increase productivity, dependability, and efficiency by cross-training within your current organization
  • Manage change by developing the technical skills needed in today’s shifting marketplace
  • Be more competitive through continuous improvement


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Safety and Health Training

Safety first! Create and maintain a compliant and safe working environment.

  • Reduce worker’s compensation costs while increasing employee quality of life
  • Increase productivity by minimizing lost time injuries and accidents
  • Raise employee morale by providing a safe and healthy work environment


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Fire Training

Trained firefighters! Save lives and property efficiently while providing citizens with a safer community.

  • Increase firefighters’ safety, health, and morale
  • Align department with available funding opportunities
  • Save money by using and maintaining equipment properly



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