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Food Plots: Improving Wildlife Ecosystem Health

Sep 6


5:30 - 8 pm

Food plots, also called feed plots or wildlife openings, are planted to provide supplementary food and nutrition for various types of wildlife. Plots are used to attract a variety or desired species to specific locations, especially during hunting season.

Although food plots are effective for hunting, good hunter-conservationists utilize plots to take care of wildlife year-round. Plots serve as supplemental or emergency food supplies during extreme cold or snow in winter months, and may help wildlife get ready for winter. They can also assure that wildlife species have adequate food supplies in the spring and summer months for reproduction and raising of their young. Food plots can attract specific wildlife by planting food cover preferred in their habitat.

Join CKTC and Brett Peshek of Green Cover Seed as you explore year round benefits of cover crops by improving ecosystem health for better wildlife habitats.

Walk through of demonstration plots

Discussion of species requirements and wildlife preferences

Seeding and maturity dates

Planting systems – no till or minimum till

Location: 1 mile north of Apache on 281 hiway; 1.25 miles east on county road 1450 north into

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Laci Jehl

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