Drawing 101

This drawing class will introduce the 5 basic skills of drawing and is based on the book “Drawing on the right side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.

  1. The perception of edges
  2. The perception of spaces
  3. The perception of relationships
  4. The perception of lights and shadows
  5. The perception of the whole

Drawing exercises will build these skills in order and the students will learn to draw any object they choose.

Students will need to bring the following;

  1. A pad of inexpensive drawing paper, or even a spiral notebook or printer paper.
  2. A good eraser
  3. Ordinary pencils, either traditional or mechanical
  4. A piece of clear plastic or glass 1/16” thick. If using glass the edges must be taped. (Hint; Thrift stores usually have frames this size with glass in them for 50 cents or so.)
  5. A viewfinder made from black cardboard about 8”x10”
  6. A graphite stick- usually found in art stores
  7. Masking tape
  8. A handheld pencil sharpener if using traditional pencils
  9. A nice pad of drawing paper, like a 9x12 Canson XL pad


Tuition: $40.00
Supplies: $12.00
Total Program Costs: $52.00


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