Monday, December 10, 2018, 4:00 pm
Wray Finney Building #400, Room #435

1415 North 7th Street, Fort Cobb, OK


1.       Call to Order, roll call and establishment of a quorum.


2.       Introduction of Visitors:


3.       Reports and Anticipated Discussions by Board and Staff: Joe Ely, BIS Director, Jennie Nunn, Instructional Leader; Staci Repp, Student Service Director; Vic Woods, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent’s Update, Tony Hancock regarding: School Auditors, Putnam & Co was here Dec 5; Feb. 12, 2019 Election for Zone 1/Seat 4, Tom Haley, only filer; Accreditation update; culinary remodel; trying to get our legislators on campus; Christmas party on December 13th.


Short Term/BISB


Employee Development


4.       Consent Agenda


All of the following items, which concern reports and items of a routine nature normally approved at board meetings, will be approved by one vote unless any board member would like to remove an item for individual consideration. The consent agenda consists of the discussion, consideration and approval of the following items:


a.       November 12, 2018 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.

b.      General Fund 2017-18 check #4468 in the amount $82.98; General Fund 2018-19 checks #1294-1612 in the amount of $717,048.84.

Building Fund 2018-2019 checks #84-104 for $6,480.89.

General Fund Encumbrances 647-721 and 70344 -70351 in the amount of $87,270.98; Building Fund Encumbrances #2-3 in the amount of $107,000.00, including change orders report and appropriations for FY18-19 reports dated for November 30, 2018.


c.       Treasurer’s reports from bank statement dated November 30, 2018.


d.      Activity Fund reports from bank statement dated November 30, 2018.


e.       Transfer of $79,036.19 from the Activity Fund to the General Fund per resolution 70 O.S. § Section 5-129.


f.       Declare Surplus and dispose of in the most commercially feasible manner: Delta scroll saw; Rockwell planer; Rockwell band saw; Tool Box; 5 Rolling Chairs; Cherry Picker; Floor Jack; 2 Jack Stands; Power Washer.


g.      Approve BIS adjunct and part time employees.


5.       Action to be considered:

a.       Discuss and review and approve or not approve CKTC’S FY19-20 calendar.


b.      Discuss and vote to approve or not approve continuing MOU with Caddo County Health Department, for the county’s Public Health Emergency Response Plan.


6.       New Business – This is limited to matters not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the posting of the meeting agenda


7.        Announcements


8.        Adjournment



Note:   “The Board may discuss, make motions, and vote upon all matters appearing on this agenda. Such votes may be to adopt, reject, tabled, reaffirm, rescind or take no action on any agenda matter.”



POSTED:  Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, Administration Building #100 & Wray Finney Building #400, at 4:00 p.m. on December 7th, 2018                    ­


Sharon Myers, Minute Clerk

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Board of Education