CKTC students receive PEO Scholarship

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Anadarko Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women chapter awards two CKTC students with a PEO scholarship

Terry Willis, a representative from the Anadarko Chapter Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women, recently awarded a PEO scholarship to two CKTC students. OTA Student Chrissy Chandler (Frederick) and PTA Student Angelica Lopez (Lawton) both received the PEO scholarship.


PEO devotes its efforts to the academic advancement of women. The PEO scholarship opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate women studying in a variety of fields.


“I commend our students for the commitment it takes to pursue their dream job,” said Superintendent Dennis Ruttman. “Often, students are also juggling responsibilities they have to their families and current jobs while also going to school. So I am thrilled to see such deserving students receive the PEO scholarship.”


Both Chandler and Lopez responded with gratefulness that the organization recognized their dedication to their studies. The award will help each student further their career development in the health field. named both OTA and PTA on their “10 Best Jobs with an Associate Degree” list. Each one has close to a 27% projected growth rate with a median hourly wage of $20 per hour.


“Job seekers holding only a high school diploma will face competition from those who hold Associates degrees, so taking the time to get an AA is well worth it.” (


For this reason, many students like Chandler and Lopez apply for the CKTC OTA and PTA programs each year. Agencies like PEO recognizing students with scholarships is a bonus that is unexpected.


CKTC OTA Student Chrissy Chandler (Frederick) and PTA Student Angelica Lopez (Lawton) each receive the PEO scholarship.
CKTC OTA Student Chrissy Chandler (Frederick) and PTA Student Angelica Lopez (Lawton) each received a PEO scholarship from the Anadarko PEO chapter. Terry Willis, PEO representative, recently visited the campus to present the scholarships to the students.


For almost half a century, CKTC has provided career training, business and industry services and leadership programs to a rural district in southwest Oklahoma. Opportunities at CKTC range from business and health to science and transportation trades. Additionally, CKTC offers customized workplace training and short-term training. More information about CKTC is available online at or by calling 405.643.5511. CKTC is a proud member of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, which provides leadership and resources and assures standards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education. The system offers programs and services in 29 technology center districts.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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