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Board Members Photo
Vice President Lance Shenold, President Dustin Tackett, Member Phil Perryman, Clerk John Clay and Member Tom Haley

Comprised of five members, the Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Board of Education sets policies and standards policy, makes provisions of financial resources, maintains public relations and continues educational planning and development for the district.

The five elected board members are from their respective zone that comprises the Caddo Kiowa Technology Center district.


Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Board Members

Dustin Tackett
Financial advisor and owner of Tackett Insurance in Fort Cobb and Farmer in Oney. Member since 2004.


Lance Shenold
Vice President
Bank of Commerce - Anadarko Downtown Office. Member since 2010.


John Clay
Farmer and Rancher from Carnegie. Member since 1992.


Tom Haley
Retired Teacher at Binger-Oney Schools. Member since 2009.


Phil Perryman
Retired from USDA-NRCS. Apache. Member since 2009.

Board Agendas

2018 Board Meeting Dates

Unless otherwise noted, the board meets each month in Building 400, Room 435 at 4:00 pm.

  • Jan 8
  • Feb 12
  • Mar 20
  • Apr 9
  • May 14
  • Jun 11
  • Jun 28
    (Bldg. 100, Rm. 129 at 9 am)
  • Aug 13
  • Sep 10
  • Oct 8
  • Nov 12
  • Dec 10