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Bedlam blood drive sponsored by Caddo Kiowa Technology Center

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center is hosting a Bedlam Blood Drive on Wednesday, October 18 from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. The blood drive will be located in Building 400 on the CKTC campus. The blood drive is a community event that is open to the public as well as students.

Donors will receive a Bedlam T-shirt with the logo “Win from Within, give blood.” Donors get their choice of either an Oklahoma State University or University of Oklahoma t-shirt.

Donors must provide  a photo ID to donate. To schedule an appointment, contact Ilisa Allen at 405-643-3274.

Bedlam Blood Drive

Bedlam Blood Drive
OBI Mascot visits CKTC campus to promote upcoming blood drives.

Test Your Blood IQ

  1. How many blood donations are needed every day to serve area hospitals? (More than 600)
  2. How much blood is in the body of an average adult? (10 pints)
  3. How long does it take for a drop of blood to travel from the heart, through your body and back to the heart again? (20 – 60 seconds)
  4. How many blood cells are in two to three drops of blood? (About one billion)
  5. If all the blood vessels in your body were laid end-to-end, how many miles would they reach? (About 60,000 miles)
  6. Blood accounts for what percent of a human’s body weight? (7%)

Top 10 Reasons to Give Blood

  1. You can save as many as 3 lives!
  2. Free Cookies!
  3. Where else can you help your community while lying down?
  4. You get to wear one of those cool arm bands.
  5. You get health screenings with no co-pay.
  6. No work for an hour.
  7. Because there could come a day when YOU are the one needing it!
  8. You can say, “I already gave.”
  9. Your family will be so proud.
  10. Since a pint equals a pound, you lose one pound every time you donate blood.

The Bottom Line

  • One donation can save as many as three lives.
  • Donations typically take an hour from sign in until you leave.
  • Anyone, 16 years or older, can typically donate whole blood every 56 days, plasma every 28 days and platelets every 7 days.
  • Schedule an appointment by contacting Ilisa Allen at 405-643-3274. For more information you can also visit
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