Agriculture Business Management

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Prepare for professionalism, efficiency, and environmental awareness in agriculture retail and production.

  • Prepare for commercial certification in pesticide application
  • Experience new agriculture technologies and precision agriculture using GPS and GIS
  • Increase agriculture production, profits, safety and sustainability


Reap the benefits of customized instruction. This program combines financial training with practical application to help Oklahomans improve the skills they use in managing a farm, ranch, and agricultural-based businesses.


We offer one-on-one assistance in the areas of record keeping (i.e. Quicken or Quickbooks), financial statements, income tax management, and production planning analysis. Tools available include partial and full farm enterprise budgets, cash flow creation and analysis, income statement creation and analysis, balance sheet creation, and analysis.


The Agriculture Business Management Program is an approved provider of Farm Services Agency borrower training. This training is available over the internet or by manual on an individual basis that can be started at any time.


Classroom and informational seminars are planned on current topics of interest to local producers.

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