Advanced Reloading

Want to shoot steel at 1,000 yards? Would you like to find out what your favorite firearm can do with real quality ammo instead of the same old cheap stuff?

If you make your own ammo, you can! Build constant reliable ammunition. You'll be able to shoot more while spending less. And ammo shortages will not affect you, nor will you be stuck with a limited selection from the store.

The Advanced Long Range Reloading course is intended to teach you how to get the utmost accuracy from your hand loaded cartridges and rifles.

You will gain hands-on instruction in safety and precision skills necessary to design a reloading process. You will gain the advanced know-how, correct bad habits, review load data and documentation, as well as the record keeping processes to provide continuous improvement.

Example of Topics Covered:

  • Select correct and precise tools to build consistent ammunition
  • Safe reloading principles
  • Precise case measuring with micrometers
  • Precise case resizing
  • Precise bullet seating
  • Precise die adjusting
  • Annealing Brass
  • Neck Turning
  • Record Keeping and Labeling Components
  • Reloading Log and the Rifle Log
  • Case Inspection - Detailed measurements
  • Interpreting your results - and making incremental improvements
  • Why you need a chronograph

(Class built rounds will not be fired nor allowed to be taken from the facility)

Basic Reloading Recommended

Location: Bldg. 200

Tuition: $45.00
Supplies: -
Books: -
Misc: -
Total Program Costs: $45.00


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