February Gold Star Assembly – Student Achievements

This month’s assembly began with announcing perfect attendance. Each month CKTC holds a Gold Star Assembly to announce student achievements. Accomplishments recognized may include, but are not limited to perfect attendance, contest placements, students of the month, program-specific certifications and WorkKeys.



What is WorkKeys?

WorkKeys recipients have completed their ACT WorkKeys assessments that compare their skills to the skills real jobs require.  These scores help employers choose the most qualified candidates for their job openings.



What is Student of the Month?

Instructors nominate students who have shown a range of high-quality character traits. A committee then selects an adult student and a high school student for the honor.



Student Achievements

Receiving Perfect Attendance is Justice Martin-LaChance, Anadarko.
Receiving National Career Readiness/WorkKeys Certifications are (Silver) Jaime Rodriguez, Anadarko; Steven Doshier, Anadarko; Coleman Josh, Anadarko; Duran Paukei, Cyril; Elijah Simpson, Verden; (Bronze) Hunter Coble, Hinton.
Receiving Health Career Certifications are Haley Leatherbury, Anadarko; Mollie Edge, Anadarko; Tristyn Schmidt, Anadarko; Brianna Hugar, Gracemont; Delecia Gaines, Anadarko; Kaitlyn Marrow, Anadarko; Shadin Martinez, Anadarko; Kayla Wilson, Cyril; Veronica Adkins (Basic Life Support) Carnegie; Winona Breuinger, Anadarko; and Destiny Beets, Verden.
Receiving the HCC Basic Life Support Certification are Tristyn Schmidt, Anadarko; Delecia Gaines, Anadarko; Brianna Hugar, Gracemont; Sheyenne Butler, Anadarko; Taylor Maze, Anadarko; and Veronica Adkins, Carnegie.
Receiving Diesel Preventative Maintenance Tech is Hunter Coble, Hinton.
CKTC Career Day Job Interview winners are Savanna Harvey, Cyril; Katrenia Smith, Anadarko; Steven Doshier, Anadarko; Christian Salazar, Apache; Ariel Salazar, Apache; and Destiny Beets, Verden.
February Students of the Month are Shelby Standingbear (Anadarko) and Deanna Bailey (Chickasha).
Receiving the National Career Readiness/WorkKeys Certification are (Bronze) Donnie Guoladdle, Carnegie; (Gold) Sheila Upton, Anadarko; (Silver) Dalton Daugherty, Fort Cobb; Brendan Schmidt-Martinez, Cement; Sydney Edmondson, Anadarko; Taylor Clift, Cement; TaSia Burgess, Apache, Stormi Holsted, Anadarko; and Shyanne Holmes, Carnegie.
Receiving Perfect Attendance are Tanner Mindemann, Fort Cobb; Shania Zamacona, Anadarko; Sydney Edmondson, Anadarko; Juan Gomez, Fort Cobb; Alex Tycer, Fort Cobb; Milton Burnside, Carnegie; Fernando Smiley, Anadarko; and Todd Bigbow, Anadarko.
Health Careers students receiving the MAT Certification are Makenna Aitson, Fort Cobb; Ariel Salazar, Apache; Melissa Romines, Fort Cobb; Eva Myers, Apache; TaSia Burgess, Apache; Tatum Harris, Apache, Sydney Edmondson, Anadarko; Katrena Bare, Gracemont, MAT and Basic Life Support; Shyanne Holmes, Carnegie, Madison Jacobs, Anadarko; and Megan Davis, Carnegie.
Receiving industry Certificates are Victoria TwoHatchet, Anadarko (Microsoft Office Specialist Certification); Todd Bigbow, Anadarko (ASE Certification); and Bailey Crabtree, Arapaho (Cosmetology).
CKTC Career Day Job Interview winners are Justin Satoe, Anadarko; Susan Clark, Carnegie; Brandon Fouts, Binger; Kathleen Smith, Hydro; Bailey Lyday, Fort Cobb; Sara Wilson, Eakly; Sabine Tsoodle, Fort Cobb; Tristen Ferguson, Fort Cobb; Austin Horn, Cordell; Shania Zamacona, Anadarko; Todd Bigbow, Anadarko; Grayson Cornforth, Binger; and Jake Ahtone, Anadarko.


For almost half a century, CKTC has provided career training, business and industry services and leadership programs to a rural district in southwest Oklahoma. Opportunities at CKTC range from business and health to science and transportation trades. Additionally, CKTC offers customized workplace training and short-term training. More information about CKTC is available online at www.mycktc.com or by calling 405.643.5511.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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